“Co-creating the new requires a big mind & an open heart!”



 transforms you and your leadership, and expands your consciousness. 

Our attendees tell us that our program have equipped them with strongly enhanced capabilities to navigate uncertainty and complexity, lead sustainable change and develop their employees to expand their organizations. They also tell us that they have become happier human beings and improved their relations. Both privately and at work.

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“We lift the consciousness of leaders to expand their presence, to give birth to blissful abundance in life, lead co-emergence and shape vertical transformation in their lives, organizations and world.”



You are probably a conscious leader today. You have realized that you want, and can, make a bigger difference. Maybe you have that longing to live and lead more. You have realized that the complexity we try to navigate on a personal, professional and societal level requires new ways of being, leading and organizing. And you want to be part of creating the new.


Our programs are based on, and combine the research from the domains of Adult Developmental psychology, Relational Gestalt psychology, Sustainable Social Change and Neuroscience. We are the first ones in the world to do this, according to the leading researchers in the USA and England with whom we collaborate.

Into The New Visionary Executive Leadership Program is a deeply transformative program for you who takes your leadership and your own development seriously. You will get to know yourself through an in-depth exploration of yourself based on the research fields of Adult Developmental psychology, Relational Gestalt psychology, Positive psychology and Neuroscience.

We dare to say that we are really good at this. At transforming people. And we can back this up with both data and testimonials from our corporate programs. In 8 months we shift people from conventional stages of development to post-conventional stages, which are: the stages we need to act from to be able to lead organizations and change in today’s VUCA world. But it is not the validated results that really touches our hearts, but testimonials like this one: “I have become a better and more appreciated leader. But what is unexpected is that I have become a better husband and a more present father to my children. It is fantastic!”

Deep Transformation in 8 months? Actually, YES!

Ok, the research says that it takes about 5 years to shift an entire stage. So how can we claim to be doing it in 8 months?

We have done a lot of reading, and always from several different researchers within the same field. We are certified in several different frameworks. And, we continue to explore, learn and deepen our understanding to see more and more of the whole picture. And from there being able to see what is common in the different perspectives. What are the keys to deep transformation? But above all, we have tried . We have tried, and continue to try on ourselves. We have explored it together with the participants in our pilots. We do it in our programs. And we know we’ve found a way to make transformation happen. Namely, we measure the effect of our transformative leadership programs with the leading global psychometric tool Global Leadership Profile. This shows that we can help you shift a developmental stage during the program’s 8 months if you are “up for the ride”. And when you do shift, a completely new world opens up – for you as a leader, and for you as a human being.

We will lead you through a transformative process where you get all the most important keys to lead yourself to a more harmonious, joyful and meaningful life and a more powerful and authentic leadership.


During the program you will:
  • Integrate the vertical developmental psychological perspectives within yourself 
  • Develop your cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual intelligence.
  • Develop your awareness of yourself and others,
  • Continuously deepen your understanding of yourself, others and your surroundings – your meta systematic ability.



“Visionary Executive Leadership Program is a globally unique program at the forefront. A deeply transformative experience for you who wants to discover a richer reality, and become more of who you really are, in all aspects of life .”


Physical meetings and digital meetings

The program is given in a combination of 2 days of physical meetings supplemented with meetings via the video conferencing platform Zoom. The combination provides unmatched benefits, as the different formats serve different purposes that contribute to our consciousness development in a complementary way.

From insight through science to transformation

We work according to Action – Reflection – Learning. Insights are created when we experience new perspectives, not when we hear about them. By then deepening the insight with scientific frameworks, the learning anchors and creates transformation.

We have many years of experience in combining tools such as meditation, self-reflection, group dialogue, and exploratory exercises to create, strengthen and integrate insights and lessons learned. The combination of your own reflection, sharing your own insights and taking part in others’ perspectives enables in-depth learning that accelerates your development.

Between the occasions, you will enter into a coaching triad, where you together deepen and integrate lessons and insights and habits into your everyday life.

You will also get tools to create transformation in your everyday life. In you, for others and in your organization.

Topics and process

At each program unit, we immerse ourselves in one of the 6 developmental stages that you carry, and during the program will understand, integrate and have real benefit from. You get to take part in both theory and exercises, in a proven, effective mix.

We will work intensively with awareness of yourself, others and the system you work in, and with the help of neuroscience, developmental psychology and organizational gestalt psychology create transformation and release the magnificent leader who lives in you.

The journey continues

After the program, you are a member of our network “Transfomration Tribe” where we meet regularly, digitally, to keep the journey alive, develop further and learn from each other.

The program in overview

0. Individual preparation

Before the first meeting, you will be given a number of preparatory tasks, in order to start a reflective process before we meet. You get to do a Global Leadership Profile – the globally leading psychometric tool to give you knowledge about your current “center of gravity” in your psychological development. It is important to be able to tailor your development steps given where you are starting from.

 1. Launching session – Zoom

WE meet digitally to start our individual and joint journey before we are seen live. You will receive the maps and keys that you will integrate during the program. And habits to make transformative tools for you as a person and leader right from the start.

2. To be a leader in today’s world, and what the way inwards and forwards looks like – 2 days retreat

We start by meeting each other where we are. In today’s Expert – Achiever oriented world. Integrate what that world does with us, and what we need to move forward, out of the box into a larger reality. Where we can live, lead and organize fully.

3. Integrate past saboteurs and psychological stages. – Zoom

We deepen your awareness of your previous psychological developmental stages, and the characters that are in you, and occasionally sabotage you.

We continue to work with your inner leader and your deeper driving forces, as well as with how you can start working to change your “system”. Your organization.

4. The first post heroic stage, and what is holding you back. – Zoom

We immerse ourselves in the first “post heroic” stage of development, integrating what you need feet to start creating in the new. To create the new.

We also immerse ourselves in your aspirations, what is deeply important to you. Wherever you want, for yourself and your organization, and what is holding you back.

5. Neuroscience and shadows, in you and your organization. – Zoom

We delve into the concept of shadows. In you as an individual and in your organization. To truly create transformation, we need to begin to see and integrate our shadows – that which is unconscious to us. In small and large.

We immerse ourselves in neuroscience and how we can create cultural change through positive psychology, and actions in everyday life.

6. Transforming Into The New – 2 days retreat

In a crescendo, we introduce the transforming stage. How we go out into life and leadership powerfully. WE create the future we want to see, and concretize what it means for us when we step out, transformed in our lives and organizations.

“We develop leaders from the inside to successfully co-create with what’s on the outside, and to integrate the wholeness of their potential: big mind, open heart and spirit in action.”

Curious? Ready?

Are you ready to expand your Self, life and your leadership?

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After climbing the career ladder for 15 years as a leader in national and international organizations, I came to the realization that I had lost myself along the way. Why were results more important than people? Why did we have values we did not live by? Why could I not lead or be led in a way that felt humanly sustainable? Why did I feel more like a “human doing” than a “human being”? Through educations in coaching, gestalt psychology, emotional intelligence, Eastern philosophy & Western science, I grew up and woke up! I cracked the code for how to lead yourself and others to the fullest. Today I help organizations to manage change, lead with human sustainability and create from our passion instead of achievement.

Jessica Löwenhielm

After a traditional career in the software industry, and a slight fatigue depression, I one day felt like I left half of myself on the outside when I went thru the door to work. Then I went in and did a pretty good job – on a routine basis. The way I wanted to lead did not really fit.
I left and chose to start a managerless, employee-driven organization. Agile in its extreme. To get to explore concepts such as self-leadership, dynamic structures, complex systems, to lead each other. And it created a completely different energy.
By immersing myself in the subject, as well as adding certifications in developmental psychology, coaching, network organization and value-driven work, I have today landed where I am. To work with the development of human consciousness. At individual and organizational level. Because we feel better in a more developed approach. As individuals, as groups and as a world.

Niklas Lindhardt

Early in my career, having graduated from Chalmers University of Technology and working in a marketing department in a multinational tech company, I soon realized that my true passion is people and not technology. So I quit, started over. I started to live inside – out instead of the other way around. And I started the journey to find what was really meaningful for me. What makes my heart sing? I explored my purpose, my passion, my values. For some time I was looking for the courage to dare to make completely new choices based on this and to create my own path, my own way of working and living. I found the courage and I found my own way to lead, inspire and motivate both myself and others. And the path, yes I still create it, every day. And I make sure to create it so that I can live and lead fully every day. Now I want to invite you to find your way – to reach your full power and live and lead fully.

Karin Hamrin

Into The New accelerates growth for individuals, leaders and organizations – to birth the future that wants to emerge.  

With deep roots in research on agile and teal organization, the leadership required for our VUCA world and how this connects to leadership- and developmental psychology, we only create things that do not yet exist.

Because we need a new leadership. And to achieve new results, we need to act in new ways.

Do you want to co-create the future with us?