Growing people and organization in synchrony

This is our ”Signature Program”. For you who dare to get real. To transform leaders, people and organization in synchrony, to get the full effect and enable the full potential of your organization and it’s employees. It is an extremely powerful program, co-created with you.

The Vertical Organizational Program creates the shifts needed in employees, leaders and organization. To create the system where the organization, leaders and people work together for growth. Of all three. At the same time.

We do this in an emergent process together with you. Because there are no ready-made answers. But there are ready-made directions that we shape together so that they meet you, where you are.


We work with three lenses

Leadership: We transform the leadership of your executive leaders through one of our programs. Sometimes adapted to meet your leaders where they are. In your organizational context. Here we lay the foundation for sustainable growth going forward.

Organization: As people’s consciousness increases, the leadership is uplevelled. At the same time, we also need to transform the organization’s culture and structure to enable individual and organizational growth in symbiosis. We do this together with you, and with the leaders participating in the leadership program(s). Start with a vertical assessment of the organization’s structural and cultural elements, we together identify the shifts needed for the “system” to strengthen individual and organizational transformation. These shifts are implemented in strategic and cultural initiatives, where the learning element is a key. We grow the new out of the existing. It makes the journey full of participation and energy. We create the new you together. The only way for sustainable, engaging change.

Employee: In parallel, we create a broad understanding of the transformation, it’s underlying elements and the individual opportunities for development that open up. We do this through broad programs for all your employees. Digital or semi digital. When we share language, share more of the same worldview and goals, we can truly pursue the same vision and purpose.

Contact us for a deepened dialogue on how to start, if you are ready.



We also hold independent workshops and lectures on the themes co-creation, organizational evolution and vertical transformation. Get in touch and we will find what is right for you.



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Into The New accelerates growth for individuals, leaders and organizations – to birth the future that wants to emerge.  

With deep roots in research on agile and teal organization, the leadership required for our VUCA world and how this connects to leadership- and developmental psychology, we create things that do not yet exist.

Because we need a new leadership. And to achieve new results, we need to act in new ways.

Do you want to co-create the future with us?