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Transforming Start is truly modern leader- and personal development, that opens the door to your consciousness expansion. To your vertical development. The purpose of this program is to expand the consciousness of leaders to expedite vertical development in teams and organizations. This is an inner journey. When you shift to reach your full individual potential, you also develop the mental and emotional abilities that are key qualities required for successful, authentic leadership in our complex, fast changing world. It all starts with you.

You will get a deepened introduction and a personal journey based on the research fields of adult development psychology, relational organizational gestalt psychology, positive psychology and neuroscience. 

After the program, you are welcomed into our Transformation Tribe. An online community, where we meet every 5 to 6 weeks to keep evolving together. 

”Transforming Start is a gentle and deep journey for you ready to grow. To authentically lead yourself and others.”


Vertical development is about expanding your consciousness. To break out of the conventional, into the post-conventional. To really get ”outside the box”. Vertical development broadens perspectives, makes it possible to see more of the dynamics of the system and let new solutions emerge together with others. 

We have learned that the way to do that is to meet oneself. Really meet yourself. All people develop according to certain given patterns. Through a set of stages of
psychological development. As adults, we all still carry our inner, ego-centered, sometimes a little scared 6-year-old. On our slightly anxious, conflict-avoidant, sometimes self-deprecating teenager. On our evidence-seeking, sometimes micromanaging expert. On our performance driven time-chasing Achiever, who longs for greater meaning.

We do not work with personal childhood trauma, but with the general, common patterns that we all carry. And in that community we develop and heal together.

By getting to know our inner figures, and meeting them with an open heart, we can also begin to integrate them. When we do, we heal so that we are no longer triggered into unconscious, reactive emotions and behaviors. We also get access to all the gifts and abilities we carry through our inner figures. We become whole.
And in that we open up to grow our post-conventional being. We meet others in a
more whole way, more authentically, and we see the systems we operate in with
new eyes, which opens up for new, more sustainable solutions.

A key part in this journey is to sense the dynamics and interplay with the Self, the Others and the Systems. That we are, moment to moment shaped by ourselves, by the others that we are interacting with and the system in which we operate. Also that we moment to moment shape that others and the system by choosing our interventions wisely. We use relational organizational gestalt to facilitate insight here and strengthening our present centered awareness, enabling us to actively chose responses and interventions that enables contact and mutual growth.


During the program, we guide you through a transforming process where we explore the most important keys to your personal development. You will discover how your strategic leadership develops into a holistic, transformative and inspiring leadership as you grow your later stages of development.

The program runs over six, four hour sessions. We work with the method Action – Reflection – Learning. Insights are integrated when we first experience something (action), get help to reflect on the experience together (reflection) and then get to know the theories and the research behind (learning).

During the program, you will:
  • Explore the vertical, developmental psychological stages within yourself, to understand, integrate and gain access to more of yourself.
  • Understand how adults develop psychologically to better understand and meet others in dialogue and co-create in a common direction.
  • Begin to integrate your inherent ”destructive, avoidant, micromanaging and performance-oriented” leadership patterns, to heal and open up for expansion into sustainable co-creation.
  • Find your inner leader and develop your innate leadership skills and your courage.
  • Find and grow your own driving forces and values. Your ”why” in life to consciously choose your way forward.
  • Develop your cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual intelligence.
  • Formulate your purpose and the shifts you want to see.
What do our clients say?
"It is absolutely magical to get so much through six short sessions in a digital meeting. I have discovered new sides of myself. Both those I like and want to grow, and those that hinder me, that I have been given tools to work with. After six weeks, I am stronger and have already started to grow the relationships that are important to me and I have started to guess my purpose. "
- Johan, Leader- & Organizational Developer
"To mix an overview of the sharpest tools from the science of personal development with mini-workshops in both large and small format with other beautiful people, of course it will be awesome!"
- Patrik, CEO
"Transforming Start is a program that has strengthened both my self-leadership and my opportunities for leadership in a broader sense. By getting to know myself and my action patterns better, the program has laid a good foundation to accelerate my personal development and my influence. The program is vibrant, interactive, in-depth and in short absolutely fantastic! "
- Olof, Business Developer
"Great to be part of something new in leadership with support from the academic world."
Average rating: 9,3 (of 10)
NPS: 83

This is how it works

Our transforming process

– Preparatory work and pre recorded, pre session video material.
– Bi-weekly, facilitated 4hr program sessions.
– Participants are put together in Coaching Trios, meeting between the program days for in-depth learning and joint reflection.
– Personal reflection and personal skills training takes place between program sessions.

The program is provided via the video conferencing platform Zoom. For 4 hours, The exact timing will be set in dialogue with the participant group.

Each session centers around one of the 6 stages of vertical development. You get to take part in both theory and exercises, in a proven and effective mix.

We work with tools such as visualizations, self-reflection, group dialogue and mirroring  to strengthen and integrate insights and lessons learned. The combination of your own reflection, sharing your own insights and taking part in others’ perspectives enables in-depth learning that accelerates your development.

In between sessions, you will receive exercises and reflections to deepen and integrate lessons and anchor insights and habits in your everyday life. You will also get access to filmed theory introductions for the coming session.

After the program, you have knowledge, tools and methods to continue working on your own. The journey doesn’t end here. It starts here!

Our programs are based on, and combine research from the domains of adult stage developmental psychology (vertical development), relational gestalt psychology, sustainable social change, neuroscience. We are the only ones in the world combining these research fields for proven accelerated growth,, according to the leading researchers in the USA and England with whom we collaborate.

The Program days in overview:

1 – Expanding Consciousness

Open up for holistic knowing and being through 4 ways of knowing

Explore the fluid self

Explore your intention, and your aspirations

The Infinity 8 – a model for development

Self – Other – System. Interrelatedness and The Field

Discovery Dialogue – Perspective taking through the vertical stages

Explore your Opportunist

2 – Expanding Presence

Presencing – Navigating  through the experience of now

Reinforcement-loops to external events

Circle of impact / influence / concern

Exploring your longing and your fear

Discovery Dialogue – Healing and integration through the vertical stages

Explore your Diplomat

Stories to explore values and norms


3 – Expanding Self

Exploring personal values

Values and the Infinity 8 model

An emotional journey  and the power of mirroring

Emotions and wellbeing

Discovery Dialogue – Power through the vertical stages

Explore your Expert


4 – Expanding Fulfillment

The Power of Purpose
Explore the power of a personal purpose.
Explore the seed to your Purpose – Why are you here. Your gifts to the world.

Discovery Dialogue – Self, Others, System through the vertical  stages

Explore your Achiever


5 – Expanding Range

Explore your inner Saboteurs

Explore your inner Leader

Discovery Dialogue – Intention Action Reflection Learning through the vertical stages

Single, double, triple loop learning

Explore your Redefining

Who are you  becoming?

How can you create space for yourself to grow?


6 – Expanding Into The New

Discovery Dialogue – Leading through the vertical stages

Explore the Transforming 

From answers to questions. Attention as Choice and Power

Uniting Paradox: Autonomy – Community. Imaginary paradox and constraints

Revisit the fluid self

Life purpose statement

Being and doing statements


Are you ready to expand your Self, your life and your leadership?

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Into The New accelerates growth for individuals, leaders and organizations – to birth the future that wants to emerge.  

With deep roots in research on agile and teal organization, the leadership required for our VUCA world and how this connects to leadership- and developmental psychology, we create things that do not yet exist.

Because we need a new leadership. And to achieve new results, we need to act in new ways.

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