Vertical development – the latest and most influential in leadership development.

We lift the consciousness of leaders to expand their presence, birth blissful abundance in life, lead co-emergence and shape transformation in their lives, organizations and world.”


As a leader’s consciousness expands, leadership is elevated. When we also shift the organizational culture and structure we enable individual and organizational growth in symbiosis. A system where people, teams and organizations co-emerge in growth. This will increase leadership effectiveness, employee engagement & creativity and your organizational outcomes. We co-create that journey with you.

We enable enterprises to evolve. Where organizational growth is based on human growth, and results are created with ease. Where we together create stronger companies, as part of a sustainable economy; facets of a healthier society. Where we together shape life in the new world.


We facilitate consciousness expansion in people. Expanding the capacity to take greater responsibility and create far greater value, for the self, others, the organization and society.

You will develop the ability to meet people, the organization and the outside world in a completely new way. Where you are more lively, and thus awaken life and creativity in those you meet. Where passion and results are not separated. Where human growth will enable co-created, organizational success. Where you dare to open up, to listen inward, to follow what you know is deeply meaningful for you. And for those you lead. And your organisation.
We do just that in our programs.


From a wider of consciousness, with a larger mind, an open heart and clearer inner compass, purpose and direction, you expand your capacity.  To master greater challenges, to bild mutually rewarding relationships and create far better, more and long-term solutions. Not just at work but in all aspects of- and in all relations in life.

 “I have become a better and more appreciated leader. But what is unexpected is that I have become a happier man, a better husband and more present father of my children. That is fantastic!”

"When we open up to meet ourselves in love, we can start meeting others with an open heart. That is where both life and organization starts!"


visionary Leadership program

8 months

INTO THE NEW VISIONARY LEADERSHIP PROGRAM transforms you and your leadership, and expands your consciousness. 

Our attendees tell us that our program have equipped them with strongly enhanced capabilities to navigate uncertainty and complexity, lead sustainable change and develop their employees to expand their organizations. They also tell us that they have become happier human beings and improved their relations. Both privately and at work.

Next program starts when we have a full group. Announce your interest today!

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Virtual program 6*3h

Transforming Start opens the door to your consciousness and vertical development.

During the program we will guide you through a transformative process where you will receive essential keys for your personal development.

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Expanding You

Digital Workshop Series 5*2h

Our workshop series to explore new perspectives and meet yourself and others at a deeper, more loving and compassionate level.

We will meet in 5 different Workshops where we will explore different themes together, in facilitated dialogues. Interaction is illumination of Self.

Next program starts 21 September. Announce your interest today!

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Vertical organisation program

Our Signature Program

Our ”Signature Program” – for you who dare to get real. To transform leaders, people and organization in synchrony, to get the full effect and enable the full potential of your organization and it’s employees.

This is an extremely powerful program, co-created with you in an emergent process. Because there are no ready-made answers. But there are ready-made directions that we shape together so that they meet you, where you are.

Send us an e-mail, and we’ll discuss ho we can co-create to really lift your business to the next level.

What do our clients say?
"It is absolutely magical to get so much through six short sessions in a digital meeting. I have discovered new sides of myself. Both those I like and want to grow, and those that hinder me, that I have been given tools to work with. After six weeks, I am stronger and have already started to grow the relationships that are important to me and I have started to guess my purpose. "
- Johan, Leader- & Organizational Developer
"To mix an overview of the sharpest tools from the science of personal development with mini-workshops in both large and small format with other beautiful people, of course it will be awesome!"
- Patrik, CEO
"Transforming Start is a program that has strengthened both my self-leadership and my opportunities for leadership in a broader sense. By getting to know myself and my action patterns better, the program has laid a good foundation to accelerate my personal development and my influence. The program is vibrant, interactive, in-depth and in short absolutely fantastic! "
- Olof, Business Developer
"Great to be part of something new in leadership with support from the academic world."
Average rating: 9,3 (of 10)
NPS: 83


We live in a time of constant and rapid change, complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty, VUCA world We´ve heard that for some time now. Lets swap the conversation to; what to do about it? There are answers to how we need to act on it, as individuals, leaders and organizations. The shift that needs to happen. 

The traditional way of leading and growing organizations no longer serve us. Research shows that a clear majority of today’s leaders gravitate around the ’Expert’ – ’Achiever’ developmental stages. Stages where we have not yet developed the level consciousness and the ability to handle the complexity  we live and work in.

We’re in the middle of a shift.  Our new problems and challenges need an open mind and a big heart. In this shift, a new leadership paradigm is emerging. A paradigm that meets the expectations and demands of future generations. A leadership that meets the complexity we live in. To enable this, leaders need fully meet their whole selves, with an open heart, and open ut for transforming expansion.. A transformative, authentic and soulful leadership where our level of consciousness and cognitive and emotional development births the ability to cut through complexity, handle multiple perspectives and relate to others and the disruption in a resilient and co-creative state of being. When we transform as human beings, all parts of life are affected. That is why we can proudly say that we are changing organizations, elevating leadership and transforming lives. And that’s the key. That vertical development transforms life. And then we see the world with new eyes, when we expand our capacity, when we widen and deepen our perspectives we can create greater value for more people. It can be said that everything external comes in handy when we do the work with the internal right.



It is exciting to live in times where we start to crack the code for how we as humans function:  what makes us flourish as individuals and together; how to collaborate and organize for sustainable results. Times where the research fields of psychology, sociology, developmental psychology, leadership and organizational development are coming together. Times where neuroscience gives us the answers that also unite Western science with Eastern wisdom. We humans are complex and we live in a complex world. Mind, body and soul are connected. The individual, the organization and the world are connected.

We can no longer settle for looking through one lens at a time. We can no longer separate human well-being, organization and leadership. We can no longer separate body, mind and soul. They need to come together. That’s why we started Into The New. We collaborate with the world’s leading researchers in vertical development. According to them, we are pioneers in a holistic, vertical approach. Pioneers in doing what we do. And we know it works, because we validate the effect of all our programs. We transform people, we raise leadership, we change organizations.


Traditional leadership development provides horizontal learning: it provides new knowledge, skills and methods, all within the existing and conventional paradigm and worldview. We are not saying it is unimportant. On the contrary. It is needed! But that is far from enough.

Vertical development is about shifting to higher levels of consciousness. To expand our consciousness to hold more, wider, more complex perspectives. To shift from the conventional, into the post-conventional. To shift into the post cognitive experience of life. To really get ”outside the box”. Or rather, ”there is no box”. Vertical development opens up new opportunities for transformation and breakthroughs. Transformation on the inside to create results on the outside. To create the reality you feel is possible.


With a larger mind, an open heart and a clearer inner compass and direction, leaders can face greater challenges, handle more complex situations, grow better relationships, and create far better long-term solutions. Not just at work but in all parts and all relationships in his life.

Also, an increase of well-being goes hand in hand with your vertical development. Your vertical development is directly correlated to your level of leadership. Your level of leadership is related to how you can create and influence the systems / organizations / relationships you are in.

Begin your vertical journey and grow to the potential you already have. Grow up and wake up to a life and leadership that takes you from ”stress & pressure” to ”flow & glow”.

Begin your vertical journey and grow to the potential you already have. Grow up and wake up to a life and leadership that takes you from ”stress & pressure” to ”flow & glow”.



‘Transforming’ is a stage of psychological development, according to Bill Torbert’s language. A vertical developmental stage. This is the stage that leaders need to reach and act from in order to lead in the global complexity we have created.

Being ‘Transforming’ means to live and lead fully! You stand in your full strength: confident, creative and brave. Empathic, grounded and visionary. A person that both you and others fully trust.

You have access to more, wider and more complex perspectives, and have developed the ability to make meaningful connections between them. Your meta-systematic ability is well developed. You are good at leading-, and relating in constant change. At the same time you know deeply that everything is subjective. This means that you co-create stronger initiatives, make better and more long-term decisions and create sustainability in all aspects.

You have found your life purpose and your deep inner drivers and meaning, and tend to them as a compass for your choices in life.

You are conscious and soulfully present on a cognitive, emotional and physical level. You know your strengths and ’blind spots’, as well as your psychological and emotional responses. You navigate your own consciousness to proactively grow and develop, and are able to create value – in all situations.

You have started to enter the post cognitive being, which significantly increases your speed and ability to lead, make meaning, and take action.

As a ‘Transforming’ leader, you meet people’s basic needs for meaning, relationship and genuine joy. As Transforming, you easily meet people where they are to co-create understanding and direction. You unleash the talent, motivation and creativity of others.

You are inspiring and charismatic, a person that others want to follow. A true, soulful communicator. A person who co-creates a meaningful direction with others. You live and lead to your full potential. And your full and true potential is always in sync and connected with the best for others, society and the world at large.





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Into The New accelerates growth for individuals, leaders and organizations – to birth the future that wants to emerge.  

With deep roots in research on agile and teal organization, the leadership required for our VUCA world and how this connects to leadership- and developmental psychology, we create things that do not yet exist.

Do you want to co-create the future with us?


After a traditional career in the software industry, and a slight fatigue depression, I one day felt like I left half of myself on the outside when I went thru the door to work. Then I went in and did a pretty good job – on a routine basis. The way I wanted to lead did not really fit.
I left and chose to start a managerless, employee-driven organization. Agile in its extreme. To get to explore concepts such as self-leadership, dynamic structures, complex systems, to lead each other. And it created a completely different energy.
By immersing myself in the subject, as well as adding certifications in developmental psychology, coaching, network organization and value-driven work, I have today landed where I am. To work with the development of human consciousness. At individual and organizational level. Because we feel better in a more developed approach. As individuals, as groups and as a world.

Niklas Lindhardt

Early in my career, having graduated from Chalmers University of Technology and working in a marketing department in a multinational tech company, I soon realized that my true passion is people and not technology. So I quit, started over. I started to live inside – out instead of the other way around. And I started the journey to find what was really meaningful for me. What makes my heart sing? I explored my purpose, my passion, my values. For some time I was looking for the courage to dare to make completely new choices based on this and to create my own path, my own way of working and living. I found the courage and I found my own way to lead, inspire and motivate both myself and others. And the path, yes I still create it, every day. And I make sure to create it so that I can live and lead fully every day. Now I want to invite you to find your way – to reach your full power and live and lead fully.

Karin Hamrin